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About MYC

The Mizoram Youth Commission has been set up by an Act of the Mizoram State Legislature. It has been given statutory responsibility for promotion, exploration and embracement of youth welfare. The commission concentrated its activity in providing coaching and guidance for All India Services and State Services during the 11 Plan period. All expenditures of the commission including maintenance of 13 posts is met from Grant-in-Aid given to the Commission through Nodal Department namely Labour, Employment & Industrial Training Department.

The dawn of the 21st century brings with it overwhelming aspirations in the lives of the youth and the new generation. The youth are the backbone of a society and they are the real stake-holders in writing the future of the society. For years, the youth in Mizoram have been forthcoming in expressing their desire to have a separate functionary of the Government to look after their welfare in all aspects.

Consequently, the Mizoram Youth Commission Bill, 2008 was passed by the Mizoram Legislative Assembly on April 2, 2008 and received the assent of the Governor on April 4, 2008.

Some areas of activities wherein the MYC has laid stress in the past one year of its functioning may be broadly outlined as below:

  • Promoting training activities for the youth to enhance their capacity in entrepreneurship.
  • Promoting and strengthening of existing training centres and institutes within the state meeting expenses incurred in hiring of professional agencies and to meet training fees.
  • Sponsoring employment related activities outside the state.
  • Exploring opportunities for the youth for sustainable economic activities.
  • Establishment of reliable coaching centres for job seekers.

The Mizoram Youth Commission sets up the Mizoram Youth Development Agency (MYDA), which has been registered under the Mizoram Societies Registration Act, 2005. The MYDA would served as the executing Agency of the projects of the MYC. Projects and schemes shall be availed of from the Centre and State governments and from such other funding agencies in the name of the MYDA.

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